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And now, if you’re still reading you either like me that much or maybe I’ve sold you, just a little bit, on the whole idea of voice recognition technology. Maybe you’ve dabbled with it a little bit on your cell phone? Or maybe you’re just thinking what it would be like to exist in a Jetson like world. Whatever it is, let me tell you exactly what it’ll take.

Speech Recognition is a technology which is used for controlling computers using voice commands. With Speech Recognition you can say commands that the …

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If you are I’ll help you anywhere along the road. Granted, I’m not a certified Dragon/voice recognition expert, but my life and happiness certainly depends on the technology so I’d say I have a pretty good handle on how to make it all work!

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The global market for Voice and Speech Recognition Software is projected to reach US$12.6 billion by 2022, driven by technology developments in computational linguistics that help enhance accuracy of automatic speech recognition systems and versatile use in consumer, industrial and enterprise applications. The United States represents the largest market worldwide supported by the mainstream use of voice and speech recognition technology in enterprise call centers, telecommunication devices and in-car systems. Asia-Pacific ranks as the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 18.9% over the analysis period led by factors such as digitalizing lifestyles of the middle class population and the ensuing preference for voice and speech recognition capabilities in consumer electronics devices; increasing proliferation of IVR based self-service applications in banking, telecom and other service sectors; strong appetite for cutting edge automobile technologies including intelligent HMI solutions; growing healthcare industry and the increasing use of speech recognition software to drive efficiencies and cost savings in clinical documentation.

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The challenge for Frank Levin's attorney in this case is to make a multi voice recognition transcript valid as proof of evidence in itself, since the conversation was not recorded. Frank had his voice recognition software in "text mode only" on his cell phone, so during the conversation no talk was saved; only a text file was created. The case is assumed to mainly be about the reliance in this technology which in the long run could benefit the development of voice recognition software.

Multi voice recognition has become widely popular for the last years, especially within the business world, since it allows all meetings to be recorded and transcripted simultaneously, with every quote related to the correct person. When the meeting is over, everyone gets a transcript of the meeting, easily searchable for the correct information. More and more people are also creating official "talklogs" where they record everything they say and publish it as diaries.