He was the only person to visit a Liberty ship named in his honor.

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Brown" width="288" height="148" Photo of Liberty ship SS John W.

A. King Solomon, being informed of this, supposed him to be indisposed, and ordered strict search to be made for him through the several apartments of the Temple, and due inquiry made; search and inquiry were accordingly made, but he could not be found.

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1735 - Mary Ashley Townsend
0858 - Mary Austin - USAT
1534 - Mary Ball - USAT
2116 - Mary Bickerdyke
1553 - Mary Cassatt - Loan USSR Odessa
2349 - Mary Cullom Kimbro - Army Repair Ship Cpl.

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Wardens at the head, when the Master makes the sign of "distress" of a Master Mason, which is done by raising both hands and arms above the head. (See grand hailing sign of distress, , .) As the Master makes this sign, he says:

Liberty ships were nicknamed "ugly ducklings" by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Brown 0277 - Albert Gallatin - USAT 1882 - Albert J.

They shuffle about a few moments, when they are called to order by the sound of the gavel from the Master's seat in the east, who inquires in a loud voice as follows:

Throop 1604 - Amos Kendall 0734 - Amy Lowell 2806 - Ancil F.

S. W. (now styled J. G. W.)--Most Worshipful King Solomon, there is no work laid out for us, and it is said we can have none. No designs are drawn on the trestle-board, and for this reason many of us are idle.

Curtin 0057 - Andrew Hamilton - WSAT (550) USAT 3038 - Andrew J.

K. S.--Not been seen since high twelve yesterday! I fear he is indisposed. It is my orders that strict search be made for him through the apartments of the Temple, and due inquiry made. Let him be found, if possible.

Huntington 1222 - Andrew Turnbull 2937 - Andrew W.

Hassler - USAT
2186 - Ferdinand Westdahl
0814 - Ferdinando Gorges
2488 - Filipp Mazzei
1678 - Finley Peter Dunne
0233 - Fisher Ames
0649 - Fitz-John Porter
0116 - Fitzhugh Lee (I) - Completed as Big Foot Wallace WSAT (550)
0838 - Fitzhugh Lee (II) - USAT
0885 - Flora MacDonald
1674 - Florence Crittenton - USAT
1068 - Florence Martus - USAT
1565 - Floyd B.

W. M.--You will attend to the alarm, and ascertain the cause.

K. S.--I fear that some accident has befallen him. Brother Grand Secretary (turning to the Secretary of the Lodge), you will go out and see to calling the several rolls of the craft, and report to me as soon as possible.

S. D.--Brother Gabe, is it of your own free-will and accord?

At this command the Secretary passes out of the Lodge, accompanied by ten or fifteen of the brethren, into the ante-room, leaving the door open, so that the candidate can hear the rolls called. The brethren form around the Secretary like a class at school. The Secretary commences to call off a lot of Bible names, to which each brother responds "Here!" in a loud voice, until he calls that of the First Ruffian, "Jubela! Jubela!! Jubela!!!" After calling a few more names, which are responded to by the brethren, he says: "Jubelo! Jubelo!! Jubelo!!!" and after a few more names, that of the Third Ruffian, "Jubelum! Jubelum!! Jubelum!!!" finishing with a few other names; when he leaves the brethren in the ante-room, closes the door, and reports as follows to King Solomon: