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Well over 160 flowering plants, trees, grasses, sedges and ferns flourish in Skipton Castle Woods, including some rare orchids. The less rare but still beautiful early purple and common spotted orchids grow here too.
You'll also see bluebells, wild garlic, enchanter's nightshade and hedge woundwort here - but try not to crush the latter, it makes a terrible smell if you do!
Figwort, burdock, herb paris, ragged robin and dog's mercury all grow here too. How many can you spot?
Woodland flowers can be useful as well as beautiful.
Some give us important clues to the age of an ancient wood - being poor colonisers they don't appear in recent woodland.
Others are only found in very specific regions or woodland types, needing exactly the right amounts of shade, light and damp to exist.

Since 1972 seventy-three local charitites have raised £966,855 by helping make the Bluebell Walk possible.

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Since 1972 the Arlington Bluebell Walk and Farm Trail based at Bates Green Farm has developed into seven interesting walks over three working farms.

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The forest was carefully managed for firewood, timber and for hunting, while the beck provided fresh water and plenty of fish. But through all this management and heavy usage the spirit of the woods has never changed. It's still one of the most beautiful, serene sites Spend a couple of hours following the valley of the Eller Beck, sit and admire some stunning views, soak up the peace and the history. You'll go home recharged!

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Dr. Victor Reinstein Woods Preserve (outside of Buffalo, NY) and Five Rivers Environmental Education Center (outside of Albany, NY) are the two centers operated by DEC staff.

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At neighbouring Parkwood Farm (2.75 mile walk there and back), milking of the large dairy herd can be seen from a special viewing gallery every afternoon between 3:00pm and 5:00pm.

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Sorry the Walks are only open to walkers, and those who have accessibility difficulties, therefore needing to use wheelchairs or mobility scooters.