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All three of these books provide great insight into the history and culture of the Crow tribe.

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LEONARD: As the verbal battle continues, the irony is clear. A conflict has arisen in 1981 between the government and the Crow Indians, a tribe that has never been at war with the U.S.

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, Knox was particularly harsh toward the whites who illegally attacked friendly Indians, explaining that many of the Indians had just reason to be angry: “The desires of too many frontier white people, to seize, by force or fraud, upon the neighboring Indian lands, has been, and still continues to be, an unceasing cause of jealousy and hatred on the part of the Indians,” Knox wrote.

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Led by Peace Chief and War Chief

During this time of peace and prosperity, the Ani-Yun-Wiya, Nanticokes and some other Nation whose name has been forgotten were envious of the Delaware, and came from the south with a great army and made war upon them.

good of all to be at peace and have no more war

And in order that the Commissioner of Indian Affairs maybe able to estimate properly for the articles herein named,it shall be the duty of the agent, each year, to forward tohim a full and exact census of the Indians, on which the estimatefrom year to year can be based.

Crow or Nez Perce otter skin bowcase and quiver

LEONARD: Something not easily determined. Through the years, the Crows have diluted their sovereignty by selling much of the reservation land alongside the river to non-Indians. And, then there is the river itself. Once muddy and silt-laden, now crystal clear and stocked with trout. That’s the result of the State of Montana wildlife program and a U.S. Bureau of Reclamation dam. Still, however, seemingly unaffecting by all of this, is the basic question.


Mr. DALE KINDNESS (Crow Indian): There could white blood or Indian blood that goes into the river here, and then the river will take care of that and who’s fault will it be?

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LEONARD: But some of the Crows are in no mood for peace. A blockade of the road leading to the river was organized in late August, the first day of open fishing. The Indian protestors were dispersed. Since then, some of the fishermen have complained of gun shots being fired.

The Crow Nation, or Crow Tribe of Indians, ..

What the military presence failed to do was to keep the white intruders from violating Indian Territory. The Crow agent wrote, “whites were coming onto reservations by the hundreds, killing and driving game...destroying the best of their grazing country by bringing in herds of cattle and horses; roaming at will from one end to the other; searching for gold and silver mines...”