However the role of yellow journalism in causing the war is ..

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Newspaper baron , who manipulated the Spanish-American War into being with his yellow journalism, was quite taken with Hitler. Hearst spent a month in Germany in 1934, met with Hitler, and was apparently "charmed" by Der Führer. Hearst's newspapers began running favorable press coverage of the Third Reich in 1934, when Hearst returned from his delightful meetings with the Nazis. One of Hearst's guest columnists wrote an article that justified German rearmament. That guest columnist's name was . There is evidence that the Nazis were greasing Hearst's palms for his sympathetic coverage.

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Yellow Journalism: Globalist Weapon of Mass ..

Only a minority, perhaps, study them, butthis minority writes and furnishes the Press with indisputablyauthentic information from "command papers." The bluebooks, yellow books, white books, orange books, etc., become thebasis of all propaganda.

Text — Text — Text. While the term war of deception yellow journalism could be applied to many historical
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(May 24, 1918), said: "It wason a par with all the abominations that have caused the Germanname to stink in the nostrils of humanity since the war began,and will cause it to stink while memory endures," and recommended,after they had been vanquished, "ostracism from the societyof civilized nations." There was a cartoon,and the rest of the Press yelled.

Spanish American war saw the 'invention' of Yellow Journalism. Cuba has not seen a day of peace after this war. Millions were killed in Phillipines before independence.
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