Today, America fights a War on Drugs.

The war on drugs is more heavily focused on how to fight crime, instead of how to prevent it.

What is the Obama administration doing about the “War on Drugs”.

With people spending approximately three times as much money buying drugs as the government spends fighting against them, how can this war possibly be won when the government has to spend so much money combating in opposition to it....

The United States’ War on Drugs began in response to cocaine trafficking in the late 1980’s.

The war on drugs has been no exception.

In her own words, she said: “Clearly, what we have been doing has not worked… our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade and our inability to prevent weapons from being illegally smuggled across the border to arm these [Cartels] criminals causes the deaths of police officers, soldiers and civilians.” Taking a closer look at the economic forces that have been driving the supply end of this business as well as evaluating the economic costs of the war will give us a b...

It has been over forty years since President Nixon declared a war on drugs.

Since “the war on drugs” the prison population has increased exponentially, and the states are trying to keep up with the burden of housing, feeding, and giving medical treatment to prisoners.

Others would say that the war on drugs is a war against the minority males.

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Washington D.C., Jul 23, 2017 / 03:02 am ().- Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte and government officials are guilty of “social cleansing” under the guise of a war on drugs, advocates testified on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

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“There are a lot of private prisons that want to make money out of the fact that people are sent to prison for drug crimes,” Clear said, adding that globalized banks — some of which — and arms manufacturers also often benefit from the war on drugs.

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The hearing on “The Human Rights Consequences of the War on Drugs in the Philippines” featured Carlos and two other witnesses from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. They testified on reports of extralegal killings in the Philippines as part of President Duterte’s “Operation Plan Tokhang,” the war on drugs.

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There are many aspects of the drug war from Mexico and other Latin American states which have effects on United States policy as well as policies from other countries that participate in the global suppression of illegal drugs.

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Duterte was elected president in May of 2016. Since then “his rhetoric quickly became all too real” in the war on drugs, Wells stated in his testimony before the commission.

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As more U.S. states — such as California in 2016 — and other countries consider different forms of marijuana legalization, many people around the world are increasingly arguing that the war on drugs is unwinnable as it is currently being carried out. A number of activists say it is based too much on punishing users instead of helping them deal with any drug problems that they may have.