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Use of biological weapons duringthe war can only be inferred at this time because:

FT-17, French light Renault infantry tank - WW2 Weapons

Uranium, as a component of nuclear weapons, is one of the main elements for which the spectral analysis software used searches. Natural uranium is composed of 99.2745% 238U, 0.72% 235U, and 0.0055% uranium-234 (234U). Natural uranium that has been separated from ore, and depleted uranium (which has much of the 235U and 234U removed), are identified by the presence of gamma-rays from 234mPa but an absence of gamma rays from Ra-226 and later daughters. It would take thousands of years for these daughters to build back up to their natural concentrations. Enriched uranium would be identified by the

d. Could lead to a nuclear weapon accident and warrants that senior national officials or agencies be informed or take action.

by the use of chemical weapons during the Vietnam War…

military unit reports of finding chemical munitions in the forward area,including artillery, mines, and bulk agents; captured Iraqidocuments purportedly containing orders to use chemical weapons (documentscurrently being independently verified); reported Britishintercepts of Iraqi communications giving orders to use chemical weapons at theonset of the ground war; and, UNSCOM reports of the discoveryand subsequent destruction of 28 Scuds with chemical agent warheads -- obtainedfrom the Soviet Union.

There are a total of 22 French Indochina War Guns and Related Small Arms ..

The incident would have been little more than a footnote in the history of the Cold War had not Colonel Richardson ordered the bombardier/navigator to jettison the hydrogen bomb. Richardson had few options. Due to a design oversight, there was no way to dump the thousands of pounds of fuel the B-47 carried. In other words, the only way to lighten the load was to drop the bomb.

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It has been alleged that smallpox was also used as a weapon during the American Revolutionary War (1775-83). During the winter of 1775-76, American forces were attempting to free Quebec from British control. After capturing Montreal, it looked as if they might succeed. But in December 1775, the British fort commander reportedly had civilians immunised against the disease and then deliberately sent out to infect the American troops. A few weeks later a major smallpox epidemic broke out in the American ranks, affecting about half of the 10,000 soldiers. They retreated in chaos after burying their dead in mass graves.

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Those named are men and women from Wayne County, Indiana who were
members of the United States Armed Forces or Merchant Marine between December 7, 1941 and December 31, 1946.
Thanks to the many of you who have put messages in the Guest Book or sent emails with names and
information about friends and loved ones. The recent revisions do not permit retaining the previous
Guest Book messages for review online. They were saved offline as permanent reference.

Jackson Township has 385 names from around Cambridge City. This list was furnished by
Phyllis Mattheis of Cambridge City, Indiana. These names were on the Memorial Plaque in Cambridge City for
many years. Most of the Wayne Township and Richmond names are from the Memorial Plaque at the entrance to
Richmond High School. It was placed there in 1943 and updated in 1998 by Cliff Davis, David J Hoff and the
members of the RHS Breakfast Club. Cliff Davis sent a copy of the list of names on the refurbished plaque.
Names were added to the plaque at that time to have over 1400 names. More than two hundred names
have been supplied by friends and relatives and added to this list in the past two years.

Myron Brown, of Huntington, Indiana, provided a copy of a Palladium-Item article of August 15, 1945
which listed 158 who lost their lives in the war. Interesting that 158 was the first number drawn in the
National Selective Service Draft Lottery in 1940. We believe there were a few more fatalities besides those listed.
There must be several hundred not on the lists which should be. We hope someone will
give us those names so they can be recognized with the others.

Middle Tennessee Civil War Relics

In the wake of Nixon's historic abandonment of biological weapons, an international agreement was tabled outlawing their development and production. In 1972, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Soviet Union all signed up to the Biological Weapons Convention.