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This includes buying badges for all city officials, including a gold plated badge for the Mayor.
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Local and national organisations (1) are campaigning to stop the Ministry of Defence from destroying a vast area of Cumbria’s cultural history. The MoD wants to deregister three large upland commons (2) and turn them into private land. Objectors say the deregistration would be unlawful and flies in the face of undertakings made by the MoD, at a public inquiry, to keep the commons registered in perpetuity (3). MoD will privatise around 1% (4,500 hectares) of England’s total common land (4) if Cumbria County Council grants it permission (5). This would be the largest enclosure since the major enclosures of commons in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. If the land is deregistered, it will bring to an end hundreds

The library replaces the one that was completely destroyed in the August 1955 Flood.
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We have welcomed the commencement of further provisions about common land in Wales—but have lamented the Welsh Government’s failure to communicate. The Welsh Ministers have made a commencement order(1) to bring into force provisions in the Commons Act 2006 about freedom of access to information in the commons registers, and about obtaining official copies of the registers. The order also corrects a mistake made by the Welsh Ministers earlier this year, that meant that new provisions for applications to register and deregister common land in Wales were defective where an application was granted, because they did not enable a local authority to amend its registers held under the Commons Registration Act 1965(2). Commenting on the commencement order, Hugh Craddock, one

This year a new type of diploma is awarded, encased in a lavender leather case protected with plastic.
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We have called on the Welsh Government to introduce a statutory designation for open space, to ensure that it is properly protected and can be enjoyed by local people. The society has responded to the Welsh Government consultation on changes to town and village green legislation in the Planning (Wales) Act 2015. Town and village greens are land where local people have a right for informal recreation, and land can be registered as a green once local people have enjoyed such recreation for 20 years without being stopped or given permission. Once registered, the land is protected from development and encroachment and local people have rights of recreation in perpetuity. The Planning (Wales) Act 2015 restricts the opportunity to register

Patrick's Church in Hartford, who will also take his place as the Ansonia-Derby Director of the Diocesan Bureau of Social Services.
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Redrow Homes plan a major development next to Charlton Common in South Gloucestershire. They want to build 80 dwellings on the western side of the common. We have objected to the planning application because the development involves building an access track across the common. We objected to a similar proposal in 2012 and, in the face of massive opposition, Redrow Homes withdrew its application shortly before a public inquiry was to be held the following year This time Redrow Homes has offered to give common land in exchange for that to be taken, but this will need to be approved by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, under section 16 of the Commons Act 2006, in

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The office of the first Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, Sophie Howe, has launched a new website and a broad conversation/consultation on their Draft Strategic Plan and policy priorities. They are currently running a survey which will collate broad patterns of priorities raised by organisations, individuals and companies. It is anticipated that this survey will either close on 7th April or the first set of its data will be compiled into a report at that time. So, in order for your views to have the most impact, you should respond before this date. It is expected that workshops will also be held over the coming weeks. Please follow the links above if you would like to get involved.

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An unauthorised oil-tank on Watton Copse, Driffield, has been removed. This follows refusal of planning permission by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The Open Spaces Society, Watton Parish Council and 42 local people opposed the application. A year ago, owners of a neighbouring property in Vicarage Close, Watton, had placed an oil tank in the wood which is amenity land owned by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The council refused to take enforcement action despite repeated requests from local people. The adjoining owners then sought consent to use the land for domestic purposes, including car-parking, and retrospectively for the oil tank. Once consent was refused, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s enforcement officer issued an enforcement notice, but