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Adult children of alcoholics are often in relationships with people they can rescue.

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Although children of alcoholics are at increased risk for alcoholism,it should be noted that a large percentage of these children do notdevelop this disorder.

Adult children of alcoholics are highly susceptible to stress-related illnesses.

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Rather, I find it easier to use three memories that are seared into my mind, which perhaps best sum up my experiences as the child of an alcoholic. I do not think that I will ever forget them.

Memories of childhood are patchy. I had friends, but our relationship was stifled by my religion, by the barriers that disability presents (especially as a parent), and by the fact that my home was not a happy place to go to for most of my childhood. I could talk in intricate detail about the events of my childhood, which perhaps reflect who I am now. It is sometimes hard not to do that; it is hard not to over-psychoanalyse, and make assumptions that my behaviour is entirely indicative of my upbringing. One of the many painful facts of being the child of an alcoholic parent is struggling to define what you have made for yourself, and what others have made you into.

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I really don’t understand why every alcoholic parent doesn’t go to Alcoholics Anonymous and give up drink for the sake of their children. It is something I will never, ever understand as long as I live. As someone else on this site said, it is as though the alcoholic loves gin and vodka more than their own children.

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I can never stop sorting and tidying, constantly trying to create order. I was recently talking to my partner about how I have never been able to stop working, sorting and tidying, and to have fun instead. Then I read on this site that this is one of the traits of a child of an alcoholic.

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It is very painful to think back to my childhood. I found reading the experiences of other people on this site a huge support. My heart goes out to every person who has shared their story here. Will any alcoholic parent read these experiences and be brave enough to face the truth about their drinking and the damage and pain it causes to their children?

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There are, in my mind, two things that can happen as a result of being the child of an alcoholic. You can let it become a part of your past; a distant and unfortunate memory that only rears its head on occasions where people discuss the apparent joys of childhood. Or you can use that pain, that anger, and that grief as a vehicle to make positive changes for yourself and the world around you. Being a COA means facing up to the demons of your past each and every day. It means long nights of silent sadness, and days where you’re so low without really understanding why. But it also gives us the opportunity to be better people. It gives us the chance to take our pain and make something useful out of it: to teach others the power and potential of respect, and kindness, and love.

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I can’t believe I have discovered this website. When I was a teenager I dreamt of starting a website to help young children dealing with alcoholic parents. I always felt so alone and scared whilst being a part of an extremely loving family. I feel like my story might be able to help some people relating to death and alcoholism: