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Consumers are becoming increasingly smarter. Armed with social networking services, they are demanding businesses to produce more goods at a faster pace. Purchase is not solely based on necessity but rather is intertwined with individual tastes and preferences. As such, a company cannot attract consumers simply by producing quality products at cheap prices. How should companies deal with these clever consumers? What should businesses do to draw consumers to choose their products? Professor of Business at Columbia Business School Sheena Iyengar, whose book The Art of Choosing was short-listed for the Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award in 2010, will speak on how to captivate the consumers of tomorrow.

In The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Patrick Lencioni once again offers a leadership fable that is as enthralling and instructive as his first two best-selling books

Drew Dudley: Everyday leadership | TED Talk

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Particularly in the past decade, traveling to andcolonizing Mars has become an ever greater focal point in the media; TV shows, movies and the like, have proffered these notions. Realistically, however, how pragmatic are these ideas and if they are indeed practical, when will these notions be transformed from mere ideation, and what would it mean for our planet, society at large, and more importantly, who will have the opportunity to go. History delivered pioneers who led the way into near space, but we have pioneers who are planning to go beyond; the desire to push the boundaries is innate. Our speakers, pioneers on the impending journey to Mars, will aim to address and answer the myriads of questions we all have.

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New breakthroughs and technological advancements have steered the recent boom in the robot economy. What are the latest developments in robotic engineering and how will it reshape the marketplace? With new applications of robotics in our businesses and homes, how does this transform the way we operate our lives?

Self-importance is behind most of the stupid things leaders do

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While leaders are an integral part of every organization in human history, the leadership in demand has been under endless transformation along the changing needs of the time. Leadership in the age of industrialization 4.0 cannot resemble that of the 20th century which once set many nations on the path to success. Today's leaders face more challenges than ever. Governments must adhere to their citizens' demands while avoiding the pitfalls of populism. Businesses must reshape the entire processes of production and sales through artificial intelligence and automation. The relationships between politicians and people, employers and employees, producers and consumers, are changing at an unprecedented rate. In this session, we will examine the challenges that leaders in the political, economic, and social fields face and discuss the important attributes a leader must possess to lead the next generation.

Self-importance keeps leaders ignorant and isolated

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The global trade order is shaking with an announcement from the Trump administration to either withdraw or renegotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). President Trump wishes to revise relationships with trade partners opposing American interests. On January 23, only three days after inauguration, President Trump signed to withdraw from TPP. On its execution, the TPP would have created a giant economic bloc that comprises 40% of world Gross Domestic Product (GDP), but it was voted against shortly before the effectuation. In addition, the renegotiation of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is under procedure with the belief that Mexican immigrants and products are threatening the American job market. President Trump also poured out raw criticism towards Germany’s large trade surplus with the United States, calling them “bad, very bad.” On his list of trade reform, Trump also mentioned the renegotiation of the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in an interview last April. Trump administration seeks to reduce U.S. trade deficit by increasing trade protectionism and urges foreign firms to establish factories on U.S. soil. Hence, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese corporations are following along with the proposal. With this situation on hand, what actions Korea take as a major exporter? Having been directly involved with the U.S.-Korea FTA negotiation in 2012, former Minister of Foreign Trade of South Korea Kim Jong-Hoon and former Acting Deputy U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Wendy Cutler will evaluate the current situation as well as the prospects, commemorating its five-year anniversary. Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia on the National Transformation Program Idris Jala and Professor of Tsinghua University Gerald Zhiyong Lan will discuss the strategies to overcome the tension of trade protectionism.

Fast Company | The future of business

How do financial gurus and global economic experts who move the real economy see the future? Academic leaders will participate in heated discussions on Trumponomics (the economic policy of the Trump administration), BREXIT (UK’s departure from EU), stagnation of the Chinese economy and the global debt bomb. The Wall Street gurus will present an investment market outlook for the rising interest rate environment in the US. In addition to the diagnosis on the changes drawn up by digitization, the session “Deep-tech Revolution & Startup Challenge” will be dedicated to introducing the most promising start-ups of today.