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A good marriage that is established on the personal, social, and spiritual factors that are described above provides men and women with a secure and stable foundation for their ongoing growth and development through a lifetime of changing responsibilities and opportunities. This foundation includes a family that is related to them by inherited characteristics and qualities that are stronger than just those that are acquired through social relationships. A good marriage is God’s nest or basic human community for the care of each generation of human beings that are born into this world. A good marriage provides a real visible model of love, human love for one another and divine love for humanity. A good marriage is a very GOOD gift that a man and a woman can give to each other. It will not only bless them with much happiness during their lives together, but it will also bless their children, the generation of relatives from which they came, and the society and communities in which they live. And these blessings of marriage can be GOOD forever.

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The last basic factor for a good marriage that I will mention is the gift of forgiveness. Since no human being is perfect and no husband or wife can be consistently caring, we all need to be forgiven from time to time for our unloving attitudes and actions. The active giving of forgiveness may be preceeded by the spouse’s expression of sorrow for his or her unloving attitude or action, but the words “I’m sorry” may not be offered. Nevertheless the gift of forgiveness can still be given. No caring husband or wife should let moments of anger or bitterness infect their relationship for a long time, even over night, when the tension can be relieved by this gift of forgiveness.

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A good marriage is the physical, psychological, and social union of a man and woman for the lifetime of either one of them. This union is an exclusive bond between the man and woman that is to be recognized by them and by the society in which they live as being special. This special status of living in a marital relationship is recognized by the laws and traditions of the land in which the couple reside.

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