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Many people are a bit puzzled by boiler servicing. Puzzled about what it is, whyit should be done, and what happens if it is not carried out regularly. There isa suspicion that very little is done really during a boiler service andit's a work creation scheme dreamed up by lazy gas engineers. This isn't true(mostly!), so here are some proper answers...

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Unfortunately, different companies have widely differing ideas about whatshould be done to service a boiler. At one extreme some (bigger) companies havetheir engineers do no more than put a probe inthe flue outlet to analyse the contents of the flue gasses, and if all is well, announce theboiler is working correctly and start writing out the invoice. Beware thesecompanies. Their short-cutting can often be spotted by looking carefully at thewording of their offering. When you ask for a "boiler service" youwill be offered an "annual safety check" instead, misleading you intothinking you are getting a full annual service.

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My view is that open flued appliances should be done every year. This isbecause it's mostly open flued appliances that cause carbon monoxide deaths. Itis so easy for combustion products to get into the house when something goeswrong with the flue (or the ventilation), and frequent servicing helps identifyflueing problems early.

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