Warmest Regards and Forever Yours,

From: Minh HienDate: 8 August 2014 08:28:22Subject: Thank you letter for changing my life

Overall percentage: 78.83% (highest in class)

"The best leaders for this period of uncertainty will be those who effectively manage ambiguity and engage their talent to continue to give their best under these challenging conditions."

Thanks again Adam, for all you have done to change my life as well as others.

I hope you can reply soon. Thank you – for everything.

Hi Adam, thanks for the five day workshop that i attended at AKLTG. I have learnt a lot from you and i hope to be as successful as you when i grow up.

Thank you very much Adam. And I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming endeavors.

You have done my family a very big favour. Jon was super charged up and his outlook in life changed drastically. He is a very good natured boy and has a wonderful heart; but he is lazy and playful; is hot-tempered and did badly in school, and never quite believe he can make it in school; hence I sent him to you. You are fantastic Adam – I could kiss you for what you have done for my dear son. Jon is my heart-throb.

It has been a good long 6 months since your camp. I have finally began to see results. Thank you.

Best regards,Mrs. Sally TanMalaysia

Like any lower than average student, I do poorly in my school work or anything that needs determination & hardwork. People come by and tell me I have potentials that are yet to be exploited, but their voice just goes in by the left ear and out by the right. It only saddens me how they believe in me more than I believe in myself.

Dear Adam, Coaches and all in the Camp 2-6 Jun ’08

I doubt reading my comment would even make you feel more proud in anyway like how glad you would feel when you see people succeeded or anything like that. Because you see, I’m not an intelligent girl, nor a natural-born-genius-but-I’m-just-lazy or anything like that. I’m just an ordinary girl who was born with misfortune. I am not shy to say I am very optimistic and that is the only thing that keeps me going on each day.

Extra Paper: English 1119 – A1*

Hi, this is actually the first time I have heard of you, do pardon my shallow mind. Like the comment above me from Mitesh Khatri, I read a forwarded mail about one of your blog post.

Total Tally: 7 A’s / 10 subjects, Highest grade for extra paper

I have been in the Training industry for a decade now formed my own company in 2004 & have grown more than 150% each year financially. Thanks to my lovely wife and my mentors my personal & spiritual growth has been equally powerful & even more.

You are Definitely an Angel Reincarnated on Earth.

I am a Behavioral Trainer & Peak Performance Coach and have trained thousands of individuals and corporates to realize & apply their true potential.