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REBT short for The Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy approach to counselling belongs to the behavioural School of therapy and was devised by Albert Ellis an American psychologist who in the 1950’s devised a form of therapy based on the , that he believed would help us think our way out of distress.

A Brief Biography of Dr. Albert Ellis 1913-2007. the following is an excerpt from the forthcoming text and final work by Dr. Ellis & Mike Abrams, PhD and Lidia Abrams, PhD

Complete list of Irrational Beliefs

Ellis held both an M.A and Ph.D degrees in clinical psychology from , was be all accounts a sickly child who lacked self confidence , as a young man he realised that he struggled talking to girls of his own age.

Ideas produce behaviors and have impact on biological functioning, and further consequences."Ellis, who last year quipped that Freud wasn't "sexy enough" for his taste, stated simply that "Freud was unquestionably a genius.