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A significant marriage here is of Sancha of Gascony to Duke William V of Aquitaine.
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It should be noted that William III of Aquitaine is sometimes reckoned to begin a new sequence of numbering, as William I, which means that Eleanor's father, William X, is also found called William VIII.

Sancha's children, however, did not give rise to the subsequent Dukes of Aquitaine.
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Acfred Duke of Aquitaine appointedEble as his heir, the latter succeeding as Duke of Aquitaine and Comte d'Auvergne in 927Comte de Bourges892. Comte de Macon, abbé laic de Brioude 893.

names “(Agnes), abbess of Saintes” as the illegitimate daughter of Guillaume IXDuke of Aquitaine
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It appears that no-one was at that timeinstalled as Comte de Poitou, the county being administered by Louis King ofAquitaine, son of Charles II "le Chauve" King of the Franks".

Henceforth, the fortunes of Gascony would be tied to those of Aquitaine, which increasingly came to be called  or .
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The high point of this, in both romance and politics, was perhaps the life of Eleanor (Aliénor, Eléonore, Éléonore) of Aquitaine, heiress of Aquitaine (), Queen of both France and England, mother of both Richard the Lionheart and the miserable King John.

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Subsequent Dukes of Aquitaine were all heirs or Kings of England, until all English possessions in France (except Calais) were lost in the last days of the Hundred Year's War.