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The chief monument in it are the sculptures of the Medici Chapel, together with their architectural setting for which Michelangelo was also responsible.

The commission was confirmed by the new Pope, Paul III, with whom Michelangelo was soon on intimate terms.
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He also began work on four of the other figures of saints, but in 1503 he was released from the urgency of this obligation by the death of Pope Pius III, who had given him the commission.

Apr 04, 2011 · When most visitors visit the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel, they immediately gaze upon the world-famous ceiling painted by Michelangelo. When the ceiling was painted, Michelangelo became something of a god among artists, divine in his talents for sculpture (as seen in his "David" and "Pieta") as well as painting. It …
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Condivi says that the commission was given to Michelangelo by the papal architect Bramante in the hope that Michelangelo would be shown up as an inferior painter to Raphael.

Il Divino Michelangelo “…those who knew him esteemed him more than his works and those who did not know him esteemed the least part of him, which was his works” – Vittoria Colonna of Pescara Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni’s works have endured as some of the most beautiful and revered works in the history of art. His …
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Michelangelo Ristorante Italiano

Michelangelo's had a curious history; it was probably thought wise to send it away from the Florence of Savonarola because of its erotic character, so, on the advice of Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco, it was aged with patina and sent to Rome.

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At the age of 18 Michelangelo, through the friendship of a priest, was able to immerse himself in a repugnant task, which only strength of will and reason could render supportable, that of dissection.

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This sense was innate; but, unless we are to believe that Michelangelo's style was born fully formed, it can have attained its full expressive power only after many trials.

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To the list of works recorded in the sources, we can probably add a , first attributed to Michelangelo by Marangoni, and a fragmentary , which was once in the Bardini collection, though its present whereabouts is unknown.

An oasis in the heart of Sorrento

In any event, he was primarily interested in a commission given to him by the administrators of , who had assigned to him a giant block of marble which everyone had considered unusable, since an earlier sculptor had already begun to carve it.

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After he left Florence permanently in 1534 for Rome, Michelangelo also wrote many lyrical letters to his family members who remained there. The theme of many was his strong attachment to various young men, especially aristocrat Tommaso Cavalieri. Scholars debate whether this was more an expression of homosexuality or a bittersweet longing by the unmarried, childless, aging Michelangelo for a father-son relationship.