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Why can’t we stop laughing when we are tickled? - …

If you are coming in from out of town during specific dates that are already booked up here at Damask, we happily refer you to our friends and coworkers at Laughing Buddha.

21 Tweets From 2017 That Made Us Say "Why Am I Even Laughing?" "Rat is short for..
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Why do we, sometimes, laugh at other people's …

Whether for pain or for pleasure, tickling is something we all experience. It is accompanied by laughing and smiling, but underlying the joy is an intense hatred for the tickler. They will taunt you as you gasp for breath: “If you hate it so much why are you laughing?” After the assault is over you may ask yourself, “Why? Why can’t I stop laughing when tickled?” To understand this, you need to understand the basic mechanisms of the tickle reflex.

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If you do not feel that you are able to email with your artist as frequently as you would please, sometimes we will refer you to Laughing Buddha due to the quicker turnaround time from consult to tattoo.

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