And why they don't see much need for wealth distribution

People don’t want to protect the environment because they have jobs ..

Because those people want access to the President

To often teachers of eternal security have often left themselves open to their opponents' fear. Many evangelists make too little mention of repentance and give the impression that people are eternally saved simply by praying the "sinner's prayer". Not that they may not be saved, but if they are, one will begin to notice changes in these newly born again Christians which will make their profession of faith quite evident. With the conversion will bring many changes in a person's life which is shown in Ephesians and we will discuss in detail later.

One scenario explaining Anti-Semitism is the following describing a brief factual history, but does not totally answer the question why.

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Firstly, I don’t see how this question can be answered by Jew’s themselves. I came here because I genuinely wondered why Jewish people get so much prejudice and I quickly worked out why. Now I believe Israel is an aggressor in the Middle-East conflict but that doesn’t mean I hate Jewish people. Reading this article did in fact answer my question though.

we would just resend the documents and save our energy for issues that ..

I was with you for a while there but then you descended into blaming the victim. If the Jews are to “save” anything it is only with the help of G-d. As it is with the help of G-d that the Jews are still here. To blame them for not “fixing the world” is to absolve gentiles and others for their irrational hatred. The reason they do is still beyond complete understanding. To pretend otherwise is to deny our extraordinary survival and our extraordinary persecution.

yes, you know it’s important to do and you know it will save you time ..

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The fact is that this system of nature lives within each of us, and mankind knows deep down that the Jews have a secret that could help us to solve the current world crisis. And it infuriates us that they won’t tell us. So we rightly conclude that this comparatively tiny population of people is causing all the problems in the world. And we want to destroy them.

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Jews believe they are the chosen people. This is a clear example of their overinflated arrogance.
Jewish men think its ok to use non jewish woman like prostitutes but without paying, of course.
Jews only talk about how they were persecuted by Hitler. 20 million people died during WW2, only 6 million were Jews. Why doesn’t someone make a movie about how Jews used Polish girls as housekeepers before WW2 and raped them !!

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But until then, I cannot see nor understand the rabid antisemite, for logically, it makes no sense to me. Why pick on the weak and small, for it does not make you stronger or look stronger, now does it?

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You forgot the fact that jewish men have a habit of abandoning their children if the mother is a gentile. My biological father is a jew who was told by his mother that there is two types of females; if the women is a jew then just have fun with her then throw her away. When a jewish man wants a famiy, only a jewish women can have real jewish children. Of course jews don’t want to face the reality that the jewish religion creates their own enemies with jewish blood.