Ring Sizing Explained - What do You Pay More For and Why?

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Jews believe they are the chosen people. This is a clear example of their overinflated arrogance.
Jewish men think its ok to use non jewish woman like prostitutes but without paying, of course.
Jews only talk about how they were persecuted by Hitler. 20 million people died during WW2, only 6 million were Jews. Why doesn’t someone make a movie about how Jews used Polish girls as housekeepers before WW2 and raped them !!

Why Do Married Men Masturbate? - Uncovering Intimacy
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Time to write THAT letter again

It has been tough times in the financial industry and if I have one fault, it is that I care too much about my clients. I feel bad when I lose my client’s money. Everyone has lost money during the market downturn, but my client did not care. He had lost tens of thousands of dollars in the markets under my management and was not happy. I have many high net worth clients who trust me to manage their funds and having to keep all these large egos happy is not easy. Athletes are the hardest as they don’t like losing! So I took him to lunch and all he could ask me was how I was going to get all this money back and that I owed him an explanation. I told him I did everything right as a licensed financial advisor, but he would hear none of it and demanded a refund of my service fees. I told him that I could not do that, but he insisted I go back to his room with him and pay him back. When I asked him what that might be, he told me that the only reason why he had a female money manager was because he wanted one who could him something that other fund managers couldn’t. So I went back to his room gave him my services for free. Of course I had to get it on tape for corporate compliance.

The letter to my child’s new teacher that explains why our family bans homework
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If you lay your stuff out on a light table, it's much faster and easier to sort than do to the same on a computer. If you do use a computer to sort your scans, since you've shot your film more carefully than you would digital since you're paying for each shot, you have fewer images through which to sort.

Why You Shouldn't Do the 52-Week Money Challenge
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