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Why do liberals hate the patriot act
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America’s mainstream politics are actually right wing, dominated by the rich. To the right of the mainstream are folks such as the militias, the Patriots, the Ku Klux Klan, fundamentalist Christians, the John Birch Society, Holocaust deniers, etc. There are many conspiracy theorists in their ranks, and sometimes the word “buff” might apply. There definitely are some strange theories there in the far right, but I have seen too many strange things to laugh at them all. Significant aspects of their theories ring true, and I have had real world experiences that attest to some of them.

We do not elect them, they chose each other and ultimately are responsible only to each other is their general opinion.
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The author chose to open his ..

Now I am on SSI because he chose at the end of our relationship (and of his life) to even things up by having me get money from the government to repay him for all the taxes he had paid.

I'm not sure why Obama chose to expand what it allowed the government to do.
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In the long run, however, the patriots were much more successful attracting support. American patriots won the war of propaganda. Committees of Correspondence persuaded many fence-sitters to join the patriot cause. Writings such as Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" stirred newfound American nationalism.

some readers expressed puzzlement as to why we chose “Federalist” for ..
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In his memoirs Hoover wrote that within one hour of Calvin Coolidge's announcement in 1927 that he would not run again, "a hundred men – editors, publishers, public officials and others from all over the country who were at the Grove, came to my camp demanding that I announce my candidacy." Hoover was at the Grove again the following summer, as he had been with some considerable regularity since 1911, when news came that Republicans had chosen him for their candidate.