Feb 18, 2013 · Why did the US fear Communism

Transcript of The Fear of Communism in the 1950's: Analyzing the Red Scare and The Crucible
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During the Red Scare, "insiders" were named and accused.(Those in the entertainment business that have a well known name)
A little background...
While in Greece...
Taking a stand...
The Fear Continues...
Defensive measures are taken...
New Threats Arise...
An End...?
*cough* Fallacy *cough*
Miller was taken into investigation and asked to name people who he thought were communists.

Why do you think that the great robber barons agreed to a top rate of 90%. I think it is because they feared communism. That fear, actually had the effect of strengthening capitalism. But now that the threat of communism is gone, capitalism is showing the same excesses of communism. And it will end the same way. Reply. Notes To …
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Differences between Capitalism & Communism and why …

The CIA was not just used in South American countries, but around the world as well.

With the death of Joseph Stalin, leader of Soviet Russia, the United States saw a glimpse of hope, a small window of opportunity to demolish the fears of spreading communism by advancing in a different approach:
making peace

WHY the HECK the US attack Vietnam just because it feared that the domino effect will cause communism "invade" the US
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Nevertheless, Russia was not about to change their views and under their new dictator, Malenkov, the conflicts between the United States and the Soviets would continue.

Both were started out of fear (McCarthy didn’t want to lose his election; the girls didn’t want to face the consequences of dancing in the woods)
Both parties blamed others in hope that they would be seen as heroes, thus giving them power
McCarthy said he knew 56 names of Communists in the US Department of State; the girls said they knew the names of people who wanted to bring down the church
The local magistrates of Salem examined the accused witches as did McCarthy with the accused communists.

Oct 05, 2012 · For the Americans, a Communist was a person who could spread (certain) ideas. It was the communist ideas that were feared, because they could spread via the political system.
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