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-He has other business ventures and investments other than Microsoft

His Entrepreneurial Spirit
William Henry Gates III
The Gates.
To be or not to BE LIKE BILL.

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With expanding business and approximately 16 employees in 1979, Gates decide to move headquarters to Seattle
Young Prodigy
Retired Billionaire
As no one is iron, on June 27, 2008, Gates leaves the direction of Microsoft to take care of his charitable foundation, "Bill and Melinda Gates." With 6 billion dollars and a lot less free time, Gates says it will provide 20% of their time at the helm of Microsoft and the rest enjoying his philanthropic life.

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Its William Henry Gates III
-born October 28, 1955 In Seattle, Washington.
-He was enrolled in Lakeside High School.
-His first official hack was when he was 13.
-Got a 1590 on the College SAT's.
-Enrolled in Harvard but dropped out.

$10 Million.

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