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There would be a problem with ‘feral’ children, even the ones who are found in the wild, given that they cannot speak for themselves. It would leave interpretation of their origins to the citizenry and the foibles of myth, preferential interpretation, etc. People deprived of a ‘normal’ background who escape or are set free or get deposited with a letter attached will certainly be a curiosity and a source of conjecture. Man’s inhumanity might not be the first inclination in various times and societies, especially ones that favor the Romulus and Remus story.

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Some of these childrens’ lack of interest in sex and rocking behavior suggests to me at least that they suffered from some form of autism or mental illness. It seems unlikely that proto-humans would have been able to reproduce very well without a natural interest in sex. Perhaps some of them were mentally disabled and left in the wilderness by parents at a young age. A baby could never fend for itself in the wild – an abandoned 2-year old with a mental speech handicap and some luck could theoretically do much better.

Despite the controversy surrounding the study of children like Genie, such research has led to breakthroughs in the education of people with learning disabilities and alternative language skills like sign language and Braille. Feral child research has also helped in developing theories about the evolution of language. Feral children also create many insights about who we are as human beings. They bring us closer to knowing what aspects of human behavior are genetic and what parts are learned. Feral children show us the importance of both our nature and the nurturing influence of other humans. These children and their struggles bring us the fragmented and haunting story that we are viewing the savage image of ourselves.

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Make no mistake and never think that a wolf is a back yard dog or pet. They not only don't do well within such a life. They are not the type that is fine with you going out and feeding them, maybe playing with them a hour or so and then going back inside for hours or all night. Think of it like this. Lets say you are a 7 year old child and you are outside by yourself. Through the sliding glass door you can see the other kids playing games, laughing, getting candy and eating cake inside the house, but you're locked out. How would you feel looking in watching that? Sad, angry, unwanted, not apart of the group, not a family member. A wolf will feel the same things if its done to them. So again, if you can't take on the mind set of having a human child, go buy a labradoodle or what ever type dog.

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When coming to own a wolf, one really must take on the mind set that for the first year, you have the same as a human child. The running of your life with the same standards and actions you would if it was a human child. Sure the care is different, but the time and level of care is not. If you will do this for the first year of the wolves life, you will have a completely socialized, very happy, and safe family member, as well as a best friend.

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In the last 30 years, only twice have I had a real conflict with one of my wolves. It was short lived. Each time I dealt with it, myself and the wolf come to an understanding, both learning more of each other and had no problems after that. Those who have come to my place have been all types, men, women, young, old and children. Never has any of my wolves ever even seemed to want to harm anyone who has come here, much less done anything to anyone.

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Knowing these animals as I do, I know that when it does happen, the human was the problem 90% of the time. Lets really take a clear look at wolves and see if these animals are safe or unsafe. Lets look at some real facts about the hybrid/domestic wolf.