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As of 2012, injection drug use accounted for about one-fifth of all HIV infections and most hepatitis C infections in the United States. Injection drug users (IDUs) become infected and transmit the viruses to others through the sharing contaminated syringes, other drug injection equipment and through high-risk sexual behaviors. Women who become infected with HIV through sharing needles or having sex with an infected IDU can also transmit the virus to their babies before, during birth or through breastfeeding. Law Enforcement Personnel and First Responders can accidently become infected through accidental syringe sticks.

We provide extensive materials to law enforcement agencies seeking to increase the representation of women within their ranks.
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Mrs. King praised women law enforcement officers for their efforts and said that African American women were well suited for the job because of their personal strengths. She was presented with a token of appreciation by Sergeant Fisher-Murphy.

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"LETI's training for, and outreach to, law enforcement regarding harm reduction has been invaluable to our work. LETI's extensive law enforcement experience enables them to address the concerns of law enforcement and explain why harm reduction is good for the entire community, including the law enforcement community"

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We produce and disseminate original research on issues relevant to women in the field of law enforcement. Our are the most authoritative available and in frequent demand by the news media and criminal justice policymakers and researchers.

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A program of the Feminist Majority Foundation, the (NCWP), promotes increasing the numbers of women at all ranks of law enforcement as a strategy to improve police response to violence against women, , and strengthen community policing reforms.

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Major Hood earned an Associate of Arts degree from South Florida Community College and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Florida, majoring in Criminology. He received his law enforcement certification from Santa Fe College, Gainesville.

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Major Darin Hood has been a member of the Highlands County Sheriff's Office since 1999. His previous positions include patrol deputy, field training deputy, school resource deputy, detective, patrol sergeant, accreditation sergeant, detective sergeant, lieutenant in the Criminal Investigations Unit, lieutenant in Internal Affairs, Lieutenant/Watch Commander in patrol, and most recently promoted to Captain of the Specialized Services Division and then in October 2017 Capt. Darin Hood was promoted to Major over the Law Enforcement Bureau.

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Starting in 1998, the International Association of Chiefs of Police created a committee to explore women in policing. The committee was made up of several female law enforcement officers at all levels. "The Future of Women in Policing" was published and covered the current status of women in. The IACP and others have consistently found that women can be just as effective, and even more so than male law enforcement officers. The following were some of the findings: