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As a result of this, women begin to fight for their rights in what we call the feminist movement.
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Women’s liberation: The Marxist tradition

Women's organizations, radical parties and sectors of the trade union movements are up in arms. They believe the cash benefits scheme will dismantle much of what has been built up over the past 30 years by the pro-gender equality forces.

The story of A Doll's House: a woman is infantilized by her  and she leaves him and her kids.
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The book Dear sisters: Dispatches from the Women's Liberation Movement contains a collection of broadsides, cartoons, manifestos, songs and other writings from the early years of the women's movement (1967-1977) which is beaming with energy and the intense spirit of the movement that drastically altered American society.

for lots of other reasons we are part of the women's liberation movement.
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Although such roles as that of Desdemona, Olivia, and Lady Macbeth are written so as to suggest the presence of uninterrupted interior consciousness, this impression collapses under the pressure of the plot’s movement toward closure, which reveals the figures to represent nothing more than a “disjointed sequence of positions that women are conve...

Second, the civil rights movement broadened the concept of leadership to include women.
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Germaine Greer and women's liberation, 1972 - Splash

Whilst Ibsen believed it to be more about the importance of self-liberation than the importance of specifically female liberation, the feminist message in A Doll's House is undeniable and made it revolutionary for its time.

Germaine Greer and women's liberation, 1972 ..

For example, the womens' movement has won women the right to vote, moved women "out of the kitchen," and, in many ways, made women socioeconomically competitive with men.

Voluntary childlessness as women's ultimate liberation

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How does Ibsen present the role of women in A Doll's House?
Whilst she appears at first to be in control of the house("Hide the Christmas tree Helen") as she has authority over others within the home, Helmer establishes her immediately as his property and 'doll wife'("Is my little squirrel bustling about?"), both patronising her and showing he has control over her as she is "
little squirrel".