Hinduism is often regarded as the oldest religion in the world, ..

But this list accounts for the religions of over 98% of the world's population.
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David Barrett, an Evangelical Christian who is the compiler of religion statistics for the Encyclopedia Britannica and the World Christian Encyclopedia, includes all of the groups listed above in the worldwide statistics for Christianity.

This world religions listing is derived from the statistics data in the  database.
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(Figures presented here are generally estimates of primary, self-identified religious affiliation.) There are not 8 million people who, if taking a survey, would name Scientology as their religious preference.

"Major religions", for the purposes of this list, are:There are countless definitions of religion.
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But these figures are all based on counts of the same segment of Chinese people throughout the world -- people practicing what is, sociologically, more accurately called Chinese traditional religion, and often called Chinese folk religion.

None of these world religions is a single, unified, monolithic organization.
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23 million; Juche: 19 million ..

In the Americas (especially the Caribbean, Brazil and the United States), there is a large number of people who practice some form of Yoruba diasporan religion, especially forms of Santeria and Vodoun.

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Some sources give numbers in the range of 2.8 to 3.2 million." A figure of 50 million is doubtful because this is primarily a Caribbean religious movement and there are only 30 million people in the Caribbean, the majority of whom are clearly self-identified Christians.

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From a worldwide and historical perspective, Vodoun is properly classified as a branch of African diasporic religion, in the same way that Lutheranism is a subset of Christianity.

Today we will deal with "God and Man." ..

And, yet, the standard academic treatment of Rand for such a long time has been as a consequentialist-egoist. That standard treatment displays the utter failure of methodological rationalism encouraged within the analytical tradition. Within that tradition, deontological theories were pitted against consequentialist ones, and moral questions were framed within the context of this false deontological/consequentialist dichotomy. The Moorean refutation of "the naturalistic fallacy" presupposes a context that is fundamentally ignorant of what Aristotle and virtue ethics bring to the table. Fortunately, in increasing volume in recent years, the virtue-ethics tradition is becoming more well-understood within the academic analytical mainstream whereas it hadn't a few decades ago.

each in his own language and in his own peculiar way

A worldwide number of people who at least sometimes self-identify as adherents of this loosely-organized religious category might be 3 million, but this is just an estimate.