No Small Matter: Science on the Nanoscale [Felice C

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For an explanation of what DPI and PPI actually are it is best to read the first

If you've read the sections titled "" and you'll know that there are four main factors that determine image quality:

1) The size (in pixels) of the digital image.
2) The quality of the recording device (camera's optics and sensor, scanner's sensor).
3) The digital format it is stored in (lossless vs lossy compression).
4) The technical proficiency and the "eye" of the photographer.
Several other factors also come into play, but the above are the main factors that determine the overall quality of the original digital photo.

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Coming to Korea as a Cuban/Filipino/Korean-American, I was excited at the idea of finally being amongst the majority, at least in terms of my looks. Though I don't consider myself ugly, I can't pretend it was always easy to grow up as the only Asian in a sea of white friends. However, I quickly learned that despite sharing the genetic traits of many Koreans (round face, high cheekbones), I would not be accepted as a true fellow Korean. In a culture where so many people strive to look the same way, any slight difference in appearance rapidly singles you out. In my case, I was too tall, too fat, and too dark — traits that are not typically considered beautiful by Korean standards. In many ways, being partially Korean actually made my experience more difficult than that of my foreign white friends. Whereas Koreans admired their white skin, small faces, and upturned noses, I remained a vaguely Korean-looking girl who didn't quite stack up.

In normal graphite there are zones of order like that, but as a whole the orientation of the sheets is random, making ordinary graphite an isotropic material.