There should be no special treatment for convicted young offenders

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However, by measuring the individual risk factors and matching it with supervision that is best suitable for them and treatment strategies can help reduce an offender risk from reoffending.

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Teen Court is a diversion program for first time juvenile offenders sponsored by Volunteers for Youth Justice. Members of the Young Lawyer’s Section volunteer to act as judges and attorney coaches to assist students participating in Teen Court. Members also help to judge an annual Law Week essay contest that is open to all high school students.

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1.5 Studies on the issue
Being a sensitive issue studies have been done to find out how best to tackle the issue in Liverpool. A study by “Hope Street” was conducted and it was aimed at several issues. It was aimed at looking at the rate of crime in Liverpool in relation to the whole country. It endeavoured to explain what interventions were being done. Additionally it analysed the media perception of the problem as well as looking at the facts and figures in a bid to locate the hotspots in Liverpool. The study also looked at the measures that are being taken curb the issue in Liverpool.
A second study that was carried out after the death of Rhys Jones worked on establishing how the collaborative multi-agency were working to tackle the issue of young people who were involved in youth violence. It looked into how the Liverpool Safeguarding children Board (Liverpool SCB) was engaged in local activities that tried to highlight on the issue and in developing policies to curb it as well.
1.6 Conclusion
Truth be told, the law does not discriminate in its application. While it is true that young offenders should be treated leniently (on lesser crimes) it is still fundamental that the youth who involve themselves in more serious offences should be locked up for longer to act as examples to the other youth with the same behaviour.

Some people are against the idea of jail terms as ways to of correcting young offenders.
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