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We express our wish that the observance of the 119th anniversary of Dr. Jose P. Rizal's Letter to the Women of Malolos guide by divine influence and give courage to all Filipinas to try hard to accomplish the ideals represented in visible form in the historic letter of the national Hero.

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and all Filipinos have a hidden talent and ability t raise the living.
December 12, 1888 a group of twenty (20) women of Malolos petitioned Governador-General Weyter for permission to open a "night school" so that they might study Spanish under Teodoro Sandiko.
Rizal penned this writing when he was in London, in response to the request of Marcelo H.

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The 119th anniversary of Doctor Jose Protacio Rizal's very well known letter to the 21 young women of Malolos was observed by the in the last February 22. The 21 young women of Malolos courageously refused to surrender to friar power and was successful in their combat for their just demand to education and their battle to stop Filipino slavery to the friars.

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