Russia vs. Google: 2 Prohibited Content Lawsuits

  • Greg Burn
  • Mar 30, 2022
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Russia vs. Google: 2 Prohibited Content Lawsuits

Roskomnadzor, the Russian communications regulator, has filed two administrative cases against Google. It happened since YouTube didn't remove the content allegedly spreading false information. The total amount of the fine could be about 8 million rubles (more than $90000 at the exchange rate at the time of this writing). As stated by the Russian side, YouTube is one of the main platforms for disseminating misinformation regarding Russia.

It is not the first investigation of the country's authorities with this service in recent times, and probably not the last. YouTube has previously come under fire for blocking propaganda and pro-government channels. It was also reported that the platform allegedly supports Russophobic sentiments, contributes to the spread of threats against Russians, and does not remove such content. According to Roskomnadzor, YouTube allows the dissemination of false data and does not moderate videos of an extremist nature concerning Russian military personnel, as it should do according to its policy.

The confrontation between the Russian authorities and tech giants in the information space is becoming tenser. While many platforms try to limit the spread of propaganda, Russia completely blocks access to some services on its territory. So, now the country's residents can not use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Meta was declared extremist by a Russian court last week because its platforms are believed to promote incitement to violence. While ordinary citizens can still use services through a VPN, the authorities will regard buying ads and owning shares as sponsoring an extremist organization.

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