Cookie Clicker is a game that was created by a user named Orteil. The game is relatively simple; the player clicks cookies to generate more cookies.

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Cookie Clicker

  • Greg Burn
  • Jan 05, 2022
When enough cookies have been generated, they can be converted into different buildings that produce cookies. The player has to purchase buildings to progress in the game, and they can also invest in upgrades for buildings they already own. 


The gameplay of Cookie Clicker is relatively simple. When a player clicks on a cookie, they will generate a cookie of that type. When they have enough cookies of a type, they can convert the cookies into a building, which will produce a number of cookies proportional to the building's level. Buildings have a cost in cookies, so the player must generate a large amount of cookies in order to purchase a building. Buildings also have a level, which can be increased by spending cookies. Buildings that have been upgraded will produce more cookies.

There are also upgrades that a player can purchase for a building. Every building can be upgraded, but upgrades are expensive. Upgrades cost a certain amount of cookies, and the upgrade will make the building produce more cookies.

The player can also invest in upgrades for a building. This will cost a certain amount of cookies, and will make the building produce a larger number of cookies.


The graphics in Cookie Clicker are simplistic and pixelated. The player can't really interact with the graphics on their screen, but they can click on the buttons to control the game.

Information about replayability

There is really no replayability in Cookie Clicker. The game is very straightforward and there is not much strategy involved. Cookie Clicker is one of those games that can be played over and over again. The player has to keep clicking cookies in order to generate more cookies, and keep them healthy. The player can keep going for as long as they want, and the game will never end.


Overall, Cookie Clicker is a game which was developed by Orteil. It is a resource management game in which the player manages their cookies by clicking on them to make them grow. Cookies are used to buy upgrades for your bakery, which allow you to buy more cookies, make more cookies, or buy more upgrades for your bakery.

  • Cookie Clicker is an addictive game
  • There are many game modes
  • It is easy to play
  • Cookie Clicker is free
  • It is an easy game to make friends on
  • You can make your own game modes with the game
  • There are many in-app purchases in Cookie Clicker
  • The game is repetitive
  • The game is boring