Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer spinoff of the most popular horror game of 2017-2018. This time, TinyBuild decided to let us taste a full-fledged multiplayer mode with 8 new playable characters and an option to play Mr.

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Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer

  • Greg Burn
  • Feb 24, 2021
Peterson (the Neighbor) himself! Survival of the team depends on team-play quality and the skilfulness of the Neighbor in disguise. Read on if that sounds exciting!

Graphics and Sound – 9/10

Secret Neighbor didn’t introduce any serious graphics improvements compared to the original installment. However, the game looks a bit more polished on the PC and consoles. The psychedelic toony style of the original title is preserved but made even darker to make the environment scarier. The soundscape is of high quality too and lets you dive deeper into the horror atmosphere. Headphones are recommended!

Controls – 10/10

The game and all its new mechanics are perfectly adapted for both keyboard and controller inputs. The new Google Stadia controller feels just right for dynamic multiplayer matches too.

Gameplay – 10/10

Something sinister is going in Mr. Peterson’s basement and a team of geared daredevil kids decides to investigate the deal! You can enter the team in the role of one of the new 8 characters to help. Each of the kids has a set of unique skills, but almost none of them work independently. The only way to unleash the real power of their abilities is to unite and use the tricks to save, encourage, lead others, find stuff, craft items, and many more. Due to this, every member of the team is extremely valuable and has to be agile and smart.

The aim of the whole team is to find all the keys from the basement to unlock it and enter there until the Neighbor catches everyone. Even if a single kid remains in charge, the team can win. The cool thing is that the Neighbor is one of your friends and you can’t figure out who until you find any clues. The Neighbor can turn into any of the characters as well as into any objects around the house. That’s scary!

Lasting Appeal – 10/10

Secret Neighbor is very exciting to replay as the gameplay heavily depends on the personalities of players. It’s also incredibly exciting to be randomly assigned the Neighbor and eliminate the entire team while they try to figure out who you are.

The Best They Could Make

Secret Neighbor is definitely the best multiplayer spinoff that tinyBuild could develop for us. It features a variety of new features and the social challenge is incredibly exciting. Call your friends and try to overrun them!

  • You can play with up to 6 friends
  • The Neighbor is finally playable
  • The upgraded house is awesome
  • 8 new playable characters
  • Stadia crossplay supported
  • They could release it for more platforms